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Student Technology Center
Adding money to your print account...
Unable to log-in with CalNet ID
Refunds for Printing/Plotting Issues
Student Technology Center
My cardkey doesn't work...
Plotter Instructions
How to plot PDF files
How to load paper -- Canon IPF825 Plotter
How to convert original files to PDF for printing
PLOTTERS: How to fix paper and ink jams: list of correct media to use
User Guide -- Cannon IPF825 Plotter
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Increasing text size on iPhone
Setting up bcal on iphone
Fix iphone camera roll crash
iPhone and VPN
Phone support
Printer Instructions
Cloud (Web) Printing Instructions
How to fix paper jams -- HP Color LaserJet 5550
Loading Paper -- HP Color Laserjet 5500
User Guide -- Epson Stylus Pro 3880
PRINTERS: How to fix paper and ink jams; list of approved media
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Web Services
Faculty -- Requesting Course Space on bCourses Server
Faculty - Updating Your Profile on the CED Website
Activate HIDDEN files in cPanel File Manager
Free web hosting for Students, Faculty, and Staff
Faculty -- Wordpress installation
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Airbears and Wireless networking
How do I connect my device to AirBears2?
Airbears Guest accounts
Does my Mac/PC have 5 GHz wireless capability?
Introduction to CED Systems
Information for Students About using CED Facilities
Computer Labs 214 + 479
Using the CED Lab Viewer
Is my web browser safe from POODLE attacks?
Is your web browser safe?
Email Services
SPA (Special Purpose Accounts) -- Associated BOX Account
Personal Computing - How to
Installing Boot Camp on you Mac laptop
Closed Captioning Videos

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