Advanced Computer-Aided Rendering and Animation
Arch 138/139x

This course is for advanced students who have a research agenda or specific project involved with computer representation, visualization, or rendering. The course is run as a lab/seminar where individuals are responsible for their own research agenda and its fulfillment. 

The course provides a forum for serious discussion and exploration of emerging fields in computer rendering, painting, modeling, animation, multimedia and design as well as issues related to those fields. Emphasized are specific interests in human user interfaces and how designers, artists and other graphic thinkers use and develop necessary tools. Students will discuss the uses computers have been put to in support of design as well as the drawbacks of these uses and will explore the potential of the future 

Needed is a familiarity and experience with principles of CAAD, the theory and methods on which it is founded, and its principle applications in practice (generating, evaluating, modeling, drafting and rendering design solutions). Students must have previous computer and software experience and to be able to compose and sustain a research plan. 

The agenda for the class meetings consists of seminar discussions, project demos, guest speakers, viewing of historical and current animations, presentations by outside and student researchers, and field trips to notable firms. 

Idea development beyond the original project will result from the interaction of the idea with a synthesis of the individuals experience and the class experience. Students will be responsible for a completed storyboard and animation. There will be three midterms and a final. The final will be conducted with guest reviewers from the field. Results may be either 2D or 3D, still or animated. Groups of two or more students may work on a project.